We've recently performed some software upgrades to both cPanel and the Client Area that has resulted in some of the KB articles appearing outdated and obsolete. We are working to update and/or remove the affected articles but this may take some time. We appreciate your patience!

How to move and copy a file

Sometimes you need to move files from one directory to another, or would like to make a copy for backup purposes.

In the cPanel's File Manager select the file name and click Move File in the option list at the top right. In the left, a list of directories will appear. By clicking on a directory name, the file you have selected in the beginning is moved to the respective directory.

If you click the folder image in front of a directory name you will open to make the subdirectories accessible, and you will be able to place the file into those.

The same sequence is used when you would like to copy a file or a directory – you just need to select the Copy File option instead.