How to create FTP accounts

To create a new FTP account from the cPanel, please click the FTP Manager icon. Select the FTP accounts option and then click the Add FTP Account link. In the spaces provided please enter a username, a password and the specific directory you have created for the user.

Lithium Hosting recommends that a specific directory is designated for each particular user. Allowing users access to the root of your home directory will allow your FTP users access to the main directory, and they will be able to alter the content of your website.  To enable this access, you will need to enter a single period in the input field.  The '.' period indicates the root directory.

If you are willing to grant such access, please consider doing this for a limited time and then change your password. The more public your authentication data is, the higher the risk for your account.

Please note that using one and the same directory for the purpose of both password protected and FTP storage is not recommended.

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