Managed Support Coverage

We provide managed support for the following

  • 24/7/365 Monitoring of network services and response to outage alerts
  • Operating system optimization and security hardening
  • Periodic operating system patches on a schedule of your choosing
  • Initial website migration from remote systems
  • Management of all aspects of the operating system
  • Support for third party applications is on a best-effort basis
  • Automated backups (subscription required)
  • cPanel/WHM installation and configuration
Support in Detail:
  • Operating System
    • Firewall configuration and hardening
    • Performance tuning
    • Kernel upgrades (rebootless via kernelcare)
    • Upgrades to new releases (bleeding edge/unstable unsupported)
    • Ongoing updates and management of cPanel / WHM
  • Web Services
    • Installation and management of Apache2 HTTPD
    • Installation and management of nginx HTTPD
    • Installation and configuration of Varnish cache
    • Installation and configuration of PHP and associated modules (mod_php, php-fpm, fastcgi)
  • Mail Services
    • Installation and management of postfix MTA
    • Installation and management of exim MTA
    • Installation and management of SpamAssassin
    • Installation and management of ClamAV
    • Installation and management of SquirrelMail webmail
    • Installation and management of RoundCube webmail
    • Troubleshooting of mail delivery problems (problems caused by third party mail scanning, filtering, etc are not supported)
  • MySQL / MariaDB
    • Installation and optimization
    • Repair of installation
    • Repair and optimize databases
    • Troubleshoot startup or connectivity issues
    • PHPMyAdmin installation and hardening
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