Gmail couldn't verify that sent this message.

Google has recently started tagging messages to make unsecure messages easier to identify.  If you send mail through our servers, the mail is secure but your recipients may receive a message like "Gmail couldn't verify that sent this message.".
The reason for this is simple, we route all emails throug MailChannels in an effort to identify and prevent outgoing spam from our servers which keeps our IP and domain reputations high and email delivery rates high.
The problem with this is that your emails will show as being relayed through  To prevent this from being an issue, please follow the steps below.

Login to cPanel and search for "SPF".  From there, click on Authentication.

Screenshot of Email Authentication in cPanel

On the Authentication page, enable both DKIM and SPF.

Enable SPF and DKIM

Scroll down and add an Include of "".

Add as an include

Finally, click the All entry checkbox and choose update.

Choose the All Entry checkbox

You have successfully setup SPF and DKIM on your domain(s) (applies to all domains on your account).  This is a DNS change and requires a complete propagation which can take several hours.
If you have any questions, please submit a support ticket.

To confirm your SPF record, please use MXToolbox, it's free and easy to use.

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