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WHMCS Collective KB v2.1
Any of you that have been around for a while have seen plenty of requests from new and veteran users for knowledgebase sharing. This is my attempt to provide a solution to all WHMCS customers. You can share your knowledgebase articles and view articles others have shared. Even import them into your WHMCS installation. All for free!!! This is the newest version, the old version was downloaded 363 times and version 2.0 84 times, imagine how many articles there are now! This version replaces 2.0 and addresses an issue with the list of knowledgebase articles in the the Addon page. You can download this file from
Filesize: 7.58 kB
Client Testimonials Plugin v1.0.7
Allow your clients to submit reviews or testimonials about your service. They can elect to share their email address, domain name and even hosting product. An option was also added to allow them to share their full name or partial name. This release is encoded but still free.
Filesize: 63.6 kB
Auto Addons Plugin v1.0.4
The Auto Addons plugin will automatically provision Shell Access, Disk Space, Bandwidth, Dedicated IP adresses and other options that are purchased as Addons by customers. Download for free today!
Filesize: 22 kB
WHMCS File Integrity Checker v1.0.4 (12/15/2011)
To help with performing upgrades to WHMCS, I have developed a tool that compares all of the files in the WHMCS directory to a file and folder structure including MD5 hash for each file included with versions 4.2.1 to 5.0.3. Future WHMCS versions will be added and updates released.
Filesize: 499 kB
NULL Gateway
Do you do frequent testing of WHMCS product provisioning and all things related such as invoice handling and addon provisioning? Want a seemless testing process without the actual exchange of currency? Use this null gateway module. You set it up like any other payment gateway, apply it only to your test products and you can go through the process of testing payment processing without actually making payments. It will take a standard test credit card number and return a successful transaction. This allows WHMCS to continue with the automated processes that happen when a payment is received.
Filesize: 585 B