Now Offering Elastic Hosting

Did you know that you can get the resources your site needs without the burden of VPS management? If your website has outgrown the limits of your shared hosting plan and you are considering upgrading to a VPS, we have a better solution! Elastic Hosting is just as easy to manage as a shared hosting plan, but with the resources and a reliability of ... Read More »

14th Sep 2017
VPS Server Template Refresh

We've refreshed the template list to include Centos 7, Centos 6, Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and Fedora 25.Upon successful provision, each of these will automatically retrieve the latest updates so new servers are always setup with the latest security updates and you don't have to think about it.If you'd like to see additional Operating ... Read More »

9th Feb 2017
Discontinuing support for PayPal

Effective March 1st, we will no longer be accepting PayPal payments.  PayPal no longer fits our business model and we have changes planned for the future that do not include PayPal.If you currently use PayPal for payments, you'll need to add your Credit or Debit Card and use that for payments.  We are using to process payments, it's ... Read More »

25th Jan 2017
Domain Registration Changes

Starting February 1st, we'll be revising the list of Top Level Domains (TLDs) we'll be selling.  In addition to the change in available TLDs, there will be a slight increase in all domain registration costs.Domain renewal rates will reflect this change as well with the exception of existing domains.  If your domain auto-renews, the renewal rate ... Read More »

15th Jan 2017
Free SSL for all!

Effective immediately, we're providing free SSL certificates for all domains configured in cPanel.  Your domain must resolve to the server and not a 3rd party service.A process on the server will analyze all accounts and trigger the automatic request and installation of Domain Validated Comodo-signed SSLs for your domains and subdomains, free of ... Read More »

30th Sep 2016
Managed Services available on all KVM VPS Plans

We've recently added Managed Service for all KVM VPS plans.  We'll take care of all server and software updates, 24/7 monitoring and incident response, control panel license and installation and support ticket based service requests.  We'll also automatically patch your kernel without the need for reboots by installing and licensing Kernel Care ... Read More »

11th Nov 2014
NoVNC enabled for all KVM based VPS Servers

We have enabled NoVNC on all KVM based VPS servers.  You can now VNC to your server using SSL.  There is an http only option as well as the old Java based VNC connection.
There is nothing you need to do to make the connect, just login to the Client Area and click the VNC button on the Service Details page.

4th Aug 2014
Domain Privacy Protection

Starting August 6th, we will begin charing $3.00 / year for ID Protection.  Our Registrar has started charging us for this service and we're only selling it at our cost.  We do not intend to ever make a profit off this service and are very disappointed that we have had to start charging for it.

1st Aug 2014
Reverse DNS Management for KVM VPS Customers

All KVM VPS customers now have the ability to manage Reverse DNS PTR records from within the Virtual Machine Control Panel (VMCP).
Please contact support if you need assistance accessing the VMCP.

30th Jun 2014
DNS Management for VPS customers

We've added a new service that is free for all KVM VPS customers.  We now offer DNS management via the Virtual Machine Control Panel.To request access to this panel, please submit a ticket and we'll provide you with the address and credentials.Along with management of your DNS, you can also reinstall your operating system, change your ... Read More »

24th Jun 2014